June 30, 2022

626 Gives: Sunrise Association

For the second year, 626 has made a $626 donation to help support Sunrise Association and son of Tracee, a friend that Michael Fischer grew up with. Sunrise is a non-profit, one-of-a-kind organization that offers kids with cancer (and cancer survivors), along with their siblings an opportunity to attend Sunrise Day camp free of charge. The funding is solely from individuals and corporate sponsors. There are now 10 locations: three in New York, three in Israel, one in GA, one in MD, one in Washington DC, and one near Philadelphia. They also offer virtual camp activities for those children not near a camp. Sunrise Association volunteers are also affiliated with over 40 hospitals nationwide and they play games, do crafts and help to brighten the day of kids who are hospitalized.

Camp allows children dealing with cancer and its side effects to enjoy a magical day of camp with laughter, cheer, sports and swimming. They get to meet other campers who are going through similar hardships. There are specialized doctors and nurses on staff and kids can attend camp for up to seven weeks. Sunrise helps put joy and excitement back in kids’ lives so can they can forget about cancer for the moment and just be kids. Above are pictures of Austin Cohen, diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 4.5 and now at age 8, after recently completing 3.5 years of chemo treatment.

Please feel free to share and donate at the link below: